Race As A Factor For Admissions Essay

1251 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Discrimination has been a problem for many decades in the United States, with slavery being the ultimate form of discrimination. There is still discrimination in the present involving immigrants and minority races. Some people believe that using race as a criteria for college admissions, commonly referred to as affirmative action, is discrimination. One student went as far as bringing the issue to court because she believed that using race as a factor for admissions is unconstitutional. This woman, Abigail Fisher, applied to the University of Texas at Austin and was denied admission. She claims her denial was due to the fact that the university uses affirmative action in their admissions. There is a precedent case from 2003 that deals with race-conscious admissions. The Court ruled that it was constitutional to use race as a factor for admission. The holistic review admissions process that includes race as one of the special circumstances at the University of Texas at Austin is constitutional because it helps the university achieve its goal of having a diverse student body and with its diversity involving many factors such as race, income, and personal upbringing. The precedent case for this is Grutter v. Bollinger. In this case the Supreme Court ruled that admitting a critical mass of minority students in order to create a more diverse and educational environment is constitutional (“Grutter v. Bollinger”). It is also constitutional because of the highly individualized,…

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