Race And Racism In IR

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Race and Racism in IR
A race is a group of people sharing a similar genetic makeup which enable them to be differentiated from others by biological aspects. Racism is the show of hostility or discriminating someone on the basis of their race. Other opinions outline racism as a belief of the inequality of races and that treatment of people should be according to their origin. Therefore, a racist is one believing in the superiority of their race over that of others. On the same note, racism may be viewed as social and political mannerism showcasing that the race of a given people is unlike that of others. For that reason, people develop sturdy attachments to their races; hence, creating prejudice, bias and stereotyping those presumed to belong
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The current global scenario is of increased collaboration amongst nations; however, there is always a case of social misunderstandings mainly in societies with different races. Take the case of the bloody conflict where the whites and the people of colour in America were involved. The cause was merely the bias of colour that influenced and characterized the everyday life of Americans; politically and socially. The hostility led the black Americans to start movements to fight for the civil rights denied to them just because of the consideration of them being an inferior group.
The sole reason for the introduction and operation of the apartheid structure of governance in South Africa was racism. In that period, the minority were the white, but since they were perceived as superior, they had exceptional economic, social and political freedoms. The oppression and suppression of the black who were the majority triggered the international outcry. However, the nation’s neighbouring South Africa were rallied against it till the apartheid system was over. The history clearly illustrates how racism causes hatred even among nations which threaten international
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During world war two, the western superiority underrated the Japanese military skill and a similar case happened in the Vietnam War. Americans believed that one marine matched ten of the opposition and that had the whole squad pinned down and cut off. Sadly, the belief still holds water. The constant idea of the white supremacy matches to the historical fear of the lesser races driving out the rich ones (Anievas, Manchanda and Shilliam, 2014). The old immigration laws will give a vivid picture of the fear.
International relations examine an array of disciplines in the global periphery. Some of these aspects are economic, political, human rights, globalization, poverty, and ethics. Considerably the current societies get involved in cultivating for universal cohesion. For this reason, the relationship and interactions between states need to be handled carefully. Therefore, international relation looks into all mannerisms of the global network to determine the strategy for solving issues and

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