Japanese American Racism

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Racism, is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Racism is very common during war times, especially wars that have many different races in it. When the government is afraid that there are spies within the race. When the government is afraid traitors within the race. And when they attacked you with no warning, that’s when people’s inner racism comes out. With thousands of people killed and wounded. Racism is unavoidable within the group. That’s exactly what happened the Japanese Americans after the Battle of Pearl Harbor. They were being discriminated. Japanese Americans were being discriminated during and after World War II. Many Japanese
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According to Paul Ohtaki, the camp was ok. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s able to live. He was separated from his family. He said there wasn’t a big difference living outside. It’s just the amount of freedom, and you see the same people everyday. He was moved from camp to camp, and yet he said there is pretty much no difference. You also have to work harder to get a job and keep it. And you actually don’t get paid a lot for the work. You get paid about sixteen or seventeen dollars a month for whatever you do. Paul went to the concentration camps two months before graduation, and he was able to leave the camp later to get his diploma. Later, Paul also went for the 442 army draft. He was able to be drafted because he was going to DePaul University. After training, he went to fight in the Philippines. After that he went to Tokyo. According to this interview, the concentration camp weren’t live or death situation. 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to concentration camps because the president is afraid of spies from Japan. Although it wasn’t live or die situation, it was still horrible. Many people lost their family during that period of time. Many Japanese Americans were being discriminated after the Pearl Harbor attack. Japanese Americans were forced to be relocated at a concentration camp along the west coast. Based on these examples, Japanese Americans were being discriminated badly during and after World War

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