Race And Racism By Tanya Maria And Golash- Boza Essays

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Race is a social construction created by White European men because there is no biological evidence to support the idea that one race is superior to another, therefore, giving them permission to dominate all non-Europeans and as a result improving their economic stance. There is not one clear definition of race. It exists as a social construction that was later adapted by many cultures in order to survive and thrive in what is present day America. Soya Jung defines race as an idea created by white men that classifies people into categories in order to justify contradicting ideas of freedom and slavery. Jung elaborates by saying that despite there being no scientific proof that race exists, men have created the idea of race and categorized each other through laws in order to excuse unforgivable actions. Race as defined in the book Race and Racism by Tanya Maria and Golash- Boza "is a social construction to describe a group of people who share physical and cultural traits as well as a common ancestry" (6). The contradictions between the definitions is that Jung has a focus on the legal stance whereas the book speaks solely on appearance and ancestry. When defining race as physical traits shared by a group of people it can be very difficult to identify one as pertaining to a certain race. It is especially complicated when the person is of mixed race. Race as an idea stemmed from the European man 's need for an excuse for the domination of the native people and their land.…

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