Race And Race Psychology And The Discovery Of Racism Essays

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The concept of race as Richards (2002) pointed out does not exist, race is something that was a product of modern European cultures. No one group, such as the northern European is 100 per cent isolated in genes, there is always some genetic exchange with outside gene-pools (Richards, 2002, p. 350). Therefore, the idea that the physical human evolutionary process was essentially finish with the Europeans is really quite wrong. By 1904 there were Psychologists such as G.S. Hall who attacked European treatment of other races and instead encouraged respect of native cultures and an understanding of existed beliefs and customs (Richards, 2002, p. 352). Instead of G.S. Hall’s contribution we saw an influx in more racism with new tests by the Army supporting that idea that African American and even southern European were inferior to the people of northern European descent. However, no scientific findings of race differences led to the decline of Race Psychology and the discovery of racism. As Richards (2002) so eloquently points out “racism, like apparent race differences, was culturally determined” (p. 358). Clark and Clark (1947) highlight the fact that racism is culturally determined in their study. This study clearly shows that children ranging from 3-7 have a clear idea of race differences when being shown a white doll and a colored doll. This study was conducted in a pivotal time in the United States, the civil rights movement was gearing up and tensions about racism…

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