Race And Health Care Research Essay

1209 Words Feb 10th, 2016 null Page
Racial categories should have no role in healthcare and research. First of all, race deters health care research because it adds an unnecessary element in the study. Including race distracts researchers and may cause miscalculations. This is because “both historical evidence and contemporary genetic research suggest that ‘racial profiling’ in medicine can lead to serious medical errors” (Rondini et al. 2007: pg. 1423). Not to mention, “mounting evidence indicates that the race of patients can significantly influence the treatment they get (Tashiro 2005: pg. 209). It is our responsibility to notice the flaws within our healthcare system, and any rational person will agree that the power of ‘race’ can only be used against us. Race was used for medical judgments without scientific reasoning to explain why a treatment would be more effective based upon a certain race. With race being an unnecessary element in the study kept in mind, it is also sad to report “many studies use race as a proxy for other socioeconomic factors not collected in the research effort” (Schulman et al. 1995: pg. 179). Not only is race a pointless element of research, it is also a distraction to keep socioeconomic factors hidden. Even if the researcher’s intent was not to do so, “the use of racial categories in health services research without appropriate understanding of the context within which race is being used may have skewed some study findings” (Schulman et al. 1995: pg. 185). Worst of all, a 2009…

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