Quit Smoking : The Good And Bad Affects Electric Cigarettes Cause

909 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
I am glad and honored that you have reached out to me in your decision to quit smoking. I am also happy you are trying to find other alternatives to help you quit smoking. I will try to do my best in describing and listing the good and bad affects electric cigarettes cause. I will also read the article you have listed and get a couple of different articles to get more information on what electric cigarettes really are and if they are a good alternative tool to use when it comes to quitting to smoke. After reading a couple of articles it is stated that electric cigarettes are devices that are powered by batteries that then heat up the liquid nicotine to create smoke. Most of these products are used to simulate the use of Tabaco (Brandel France de Bravo, 2015). As many people have introduced themselves to electric cigarettes it’s a fast growing product in the market. That its purpose is to reduce the amount of Tabaco people are smoking. While E-cigarettes may seem the same thing as traditional cigarettes they do have differences. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco; they don’t leave you with a bad order and prevents you having to light a lighter every time you are trying to smoke cigarettes Nicotine can affect your body in many different ways according to (Patricia A Normandin & Stacey A Benotti, 2015), since the amount of nicotine in an E-cigarette isn’t stabilized some consumers are getting the effect of overdose that can cause them to feel dizzy, vomiting or…

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