Questions On Water Is Most Likely To Enter A Mesophyll Cell

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Register to read the introduction… B) as a liquid.
C) covalently bound to sugars.
D) coupled to ion transport.
E) via endocytosis.
Answer: B
Topic: Concept 35.2
Skill: Synthesis/Evaluation

25) Plants contain meristems whose major function is to
A) attract pollinators.
B) absorb ions.
C) photosynthesize.
D) produce more cells.
E) produce flowers.
Answer: D
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension

26) A cell that is most likely to retain the ability to divide, perform metabolic functions, and store photosynthate would be a
A) parenchyma cell in a leaf.
B) vessel element in the vascular system.
C) endodermal cell in a root.
D) bark cell.
E) fiber cell.
Answer: A
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Application/Analysis

27) Which of the following cell types is least likely to be capable of cell division?
A) mesophyll cell in a developing leaf
B) parenchyma cell 2 mm from the tip of a root
C) parenchyma cell in a dormant axillary bud
D) functional tracheid cell in a stem
Answer: D
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension

28) The driving force that pushes the root tip through the soil is primarily
A) continuous cell division in the root cap at the tip of the
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zone of cell maturation V. apical meristem

31) Which of the following is the correct sequence from the growing tips of the root upward?
A) I, II, V, III, IV
B) III, V, I, II, IV
C) II, IV, I, V, III
D) IV, II, III, I, V
E) I, V, III, II, IV
Answer: E
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension

32) Which of the following is incorrectly paired with its structure and function?
A) sclerenchymasupporting cells with thick secondary walls
B) peridermprotective coat of woody stems and roots
C) pericyclewaterproof ring of cells surrounding the central stele in roots
D) mesophyllparenchyma cells functioning in photosynthesis in leaves
E) ground meristemprimary meristem that produces the ground tissue system
Answer: C
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension

33) Which of the following root tissues gives rise to lateral roots?
A) endodermis
B) phloem
C) cortex
D) epidermis
E) pericycle
Answer: E
Topic: Concept 35.3
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension

34) A leaf primordium is initiated as a small mound of tissue on the flank of a dome-shaped shoot apical meristem. The earliest physical evidence of the site of a newly forming leaf primordium would

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