Questions On Vocabulary And Vocabulary Essay

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Vocabulary (Vocabulary Enricher):

1. Explain to students that they will learn some harder vocabulary from chapter 5 by looking at a word and a photo that describes given word at a PowerPoint presented on the teacher’s iPad.
2. Ask the students to read a word silently and try to guess the meaning by determining what is on the picture.
• Reluctant - feeling or showing doubt about doing something : not willing or eager to do something (page 41)
• Weathervane - an object that is usually put on the top of a roof and that has an arrow that turns as the wind blows to show the direction of the wind (page 38)
• Grouchy - tending to complain about things : having a bad temper (page 42)
3. Read a word aloud and ask students for their ideas. After they give their guesses, reveal the definition confirming, if appropriate, students’ guessing.
4. Ask students to put the given word into a sentence while still showing a slide with its definition and photo.
Examples of sentences:
• Reluctant – Having just met her, the man was reluctant to trust that she would keep his secret.
• Weathervane - Weathervane showed the pilgrim that the wind blew north.
• Grouchy – Jenny has been grouchy for past few days – she complains about her life every time I talk with her.
5. Continue with all the words in the PowerPoint.

Discussion Questions (Discussion Director):
1. Ask the students to share 1-2 questions and help in leading the discussion that follows. If needed, scaffold the children answers or…

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