Questions On U.s. Foreign Policy Essay

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Torreon (Torreon, CRS 01/27/15, summary section). Regardless of whether the conflict is stand alone or part of a prolonged engagement and/or war period, a majority of these conflicts where American troops are involved do not have an associated authorization use of military force associated with them. To highlight this fact Mr. Timothy McGrath states that the United States is currently involved in 134 different operations in his 8 December 2014 article on US Foreign policy (McGrath, Global Post website). The key point is that many of these conflicts never make mainstream news accounts and are not widely known by the public; therefore no attention is ever drawn to the fact that they do not have authorizations from Congress.
Based on those numbers alone (134 current operations on going) it can be assumed that Congress does indeed have a problem with not providing the oversight it was originally intended to do. Congress appears to have made a habit of continually looking the other way, ultimately relinquishing its oversight role, while the President slowly increases the various military operations around the world. The 2001 AUMF is not the first time this has happened. A brief look at history regarding the authorization of use of force shows Congress has turned a blind eye on more than one occasion. When reviewing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (later to become the legal basis for Vietnam) or analyzing the Vietnam War, it can be easily ascertained that Congress delegated…

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