Questions On The Entry Of Bank Deposits Around 12 P.m Essay

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Shared Tasks- Anna

1. Create deadline section
The Manifest deadline is Thursday of every week at 1:30pm for Apartments and at 4:30pm for Houses. All manifests need to be submitted to Suga (Distribution Coordinator) in the Distribution department before the deadline in order for them to be keyed in into AMS.
I will have to prepare bank deposits around 12 p.m. immediately after receiving the daily mail on a specific day that Neela asks me to do it, so she will take the deposits to the bank and she will have sufficient time before bank closing to make the deposits.
The deadline for Advertising Account Managers and Senior Account Managers to submit the Bonus Sales Commission reports is Tuesday at 12 p.m. (bi-weekly) and all the reports need to be signed by Managers and ready by Wednesday Morning given to Viraj.
2. Create a Section on “Creating Invoices (How to)”
I will receive packaging, delivery and ValueAd manifests every Tuesday around 3:30p.m-4p.m. from Suga in the Distribution department. They will have to be entered in QuickBooks in the A/R customers’ module. Packaging manifests will be entered in a company named 160 and Delivery manifests will be entered in a company named 132. Based on the manifest, I will find the correct existing customer in QuickBooks and I will need to duplicate an existing invoice. Once a copy is created, I will need to modify the invoice in order to match the information that is given to me in the manifest. The invoice number will be based on…

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