Essay about Questions On The Adn And Bsn Prepared Nurse

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There are many ways to become an RN. Some of the most popular include a diploma program, Associate Nursing Degree (ADN) and Bachelors’ of Science Nursing Degree (BSN). All of these pathways require the student to pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). The NCLEX is a standardized exam that nurses must take to receive their nursing license to be permitted to practice. Below, I will outline to the reader some differences between the ADN and BSN prepared nurse.

“The fact that new nurses pass the licensing exam at the same rate does not mean that all entry-level nurses are equally prepared for practice. The NCLEX tests for minimum technical competency for safe entry into basic nursing practice. Passing rates should be high across all programs preparing new nurses. This exam does not test for differences between graduates of different programs, measure performance over time, or test for all of the knowledge and skills developed through a baccalaureate program.” ( This is an entry level exam that students must take to earn the title of Registered Nurse. Both Associates and Bachelors prepared nurses take the same exam. Nurses with a BSN typically have had two more years of training than ADN nurses. The additional two years are described by Peoria Magazine. “The baccalaureate nursing program includes all of the content in the diploma and associate-degree programs, plus it provides students with a more…

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