Questions On Ethics And Ethics Essay

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In this case, Luke has been asked to work on a project that will be located near a neighborhood where his brother (Owen) lives. The problem is that he is experiencing an ethical dilemma between his personal ethics and his business ethics. He is concerned about his obligation of confidentiality to his company and at the same time he is very close to his brother. Both decisions might be the right choice to do, but he can only choose one. There seems to be no obvious answer because he has to decide if he wants to keep his job or has to lie to Owen. If Luke decides to tell his brother about the project, then he will be experiencing Breach of Confidentiality. “Breach of confidentiality happens when a person discloses information that was supposed to be held confidential.” (GENB 4350 Online Lecture, Ethical Reasoning 1). The best decision for Luke is to avoid breaching his company’s information because he could potentially lose his job.
Luke is an employee of ABC and has been asked to work on a project that involves developing land purchased by ABC. The company plans on building a retail store on the developing land. Luke probably thinks the project would be straight forward to complete, but really he’s witnessing an ethical dilemma. Owen lives in the location of the future project which makes Luke stand in a difficult situation on what decision he should make for himself. Owen wants to sell his house for a great amount, but he is offered at an “okay” price. Owen wonders if…

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