Ethical Responsibility At The Zonar Company

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According to utilitarian, Lerome plays a vital role within economic system making sure the benefit of the whole society is taking place. Lerome had no personal intention to lose a job or anything, but he stood for the society. He stood for all those mothers and for those entire infants who would drink apple juice. He had an ethical responsibility towards the public and the company. The Zonar Corporation paid the research and development team and so did the contractor paid their team for the research and development. Even though, no reliable test was in present, but Lerome still went out of his way to perform the research to find out the truth. However, it becomes an unethical conflict interest because Johan Anders, and CEO knew about adulterated but …show more content…
Sacrificing something personally for the interest of the company is known as loyalty assuring that employee has an ethical responsibility to be loyal employee. In regards to Philosopher Ronald Duska statement, no employee should put stake personal sacrifices because no employee has an ethical responsibility of putting through loyalty unless it is based on mutual relationships between employer and employee for mutual benefits. Keeping that in consideration, there is no benefit of going against Anders so it is better to produce apple juice adulterated. Moreover, Ronald Duska also said there should be contractual arrangement that aids the individual self-interests of the parties because no company’s main object is loyalty. Lerome had no contractual arrangement with the company where he and the company will be receiving mutual benefit of going against Anders. If there was mutual benefit, CEO of the corporation would have taken action against Anders but nothing really happened. Therefore, Lerome is fee to walk out of that adulterated situation and does not have to make personal sacrifices for the sake of loyalty or

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