Questions On Are We Free? Essay

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Exam Question: Are we free?
As citizens of the United States we like to believe that we are free individuals, but are we truly free. I personally don’t believe this to be true. As Citizens and residents of the United States we have certain rights given to us by the federal government and also the local government, though laws and regulations. Other major impacts of our freedom included Economic freedom and also Educational freedom.
Laws and Regulations: We are granted certain rights from the federal government though The Bill of Rights and Constitution. However, no man is perfect and their have been times when certain races and ethnicity’s are freer then others in this country. It wasn’t until 1965 that regardless of race and gender that every citizen was granted the right to vote. Laws are meant to protect us. The government has giving us guidelines and regulations that we must follow for our personal protection. For example, every child must attend school or be homeschooled, people have to wear clothes in public, and the food industry has to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in factories restaurants and other business for the sake of the health of others. As citizens we don’t however have the right to murder another individual, sell illegal narcotics or steal from others. The laws are relatively fare, and are emplaced to ensure that are protection of our right to life, and liberty are secured. The law doesn’t alone classify our state of freedom.…

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