Essay about Queen Elizabeth I; a Powerful Ruler in England

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Brittany Fleetwood
Barbara Whitehead
History 111
6 May 2010
Queen Elizabeth I: A Powerful Ruler in History While there was no law in Tudor England preventing appointment of a woman on the throne, the ruling of a woman was considered unfavorable. Women were not normally held high in command because it was believed that women could not rule well. During a time where the role of women was contained, Elizabeth I of England proved her power and remained the only unmarried queen in England’s history. She reined England from 1558 to 1603 and has become the symbol of an age, a symbol of the power of a woman who strived to govern. Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, is one of the most important rulers of English history by winning the
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During her reign, Queen Mary persecuted Protestants and tried to reestablish Catholicism in England. Already, Mary was becoming unpopular in the eyes of the English. However, her reputation began a downward spiral. Mary and Elizabeth became very different especially in their religious views. A rival began and Mary, “For her, more particularly, it was above all important to have an heir who would exclude Elizabeth and secure the future of the Catholic faith in England.” This meant Mary needed to marry in a position where Elizabeth could not succeed the throne thus she looked to Prince Philip, the son of the emperor of Spain. Spain was the greatest power in Europe during this time, and the English believed this alliance would put the nation in the hands of the Spanish. Thomas Wyatt led a rebellion against Queen of Mary, and The Commons looked for an alternative with Edward Courtenay and if their plan proved true, “Elizabeth was to marry Courtenay and thus assure a native-born succession to the throne.” Ultimately, this would prevent a foreign power to the English throne. Wyatt wrote to both Elizabeth and Courtenay with his intentions of overthrowing the government in hopes that the two would be placed on the throne. Mary and her advisors intercepted the letter and questioned Elizabeth of treason. She was locked away and examined by the Council. Elizabeth wrote a letter to her

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