Queen Elizabeth I: The Speech That Led To Victory

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The Speech That Led to Victory Ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth I, presented an inspiring speech before sending her troops off to battle against the men who served the King of Spain, King Philip II, in 1588. The battle was taking place in Tilbury and was occurring because both Queen Elizabeth I and King Philip II wanted the control over trade. To try and take that control, the Spanish were planning an attack on English soil. England expected the invasion and prior to the repel against them, the Queen inspired her troops by reassuring them that their actions were in fact the right deed for their nation. Not only that but she wanted them to know that they were greatly appreciated by all of the country. She spoke in a warm, thankful, and determined tone to get through to all the troops hearts with motivation. Queen Elizabeth I expressed sympathy towards her men along with the use of parallel structure and …show more content…
This implication referred to the fact that, although she was a petite woman, she was strong. Normally, petite women would be looked at as weak and feeble, like she had previously stated, but to have her men have trust and faith in her, she needed to make sure that they knew that she was capable of whatever was going to come their way. Saying that she had the heart of a king was her way of making her troops acknowledged the fact that she was not giving up anytime soon. Battle, at this time, was considered to be no place for a woman but she was determined to be there to help. She then went on to say that she also had the stomach of a king. This meant that no matter what came her way, she would be able to handle it. Even though she seemed like a good leader already, this metaphor made all her troops believe much more in her ability to lead

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