Quality Of House Building Essay

Quality of house building in Auckland

When someone talks about Quality, it automatically comes into the mind of a person that it is related to the degree of excellence and the extent to which something is fit for the purpose. It instinctively generates the thought that the product or service is conformed with requirements and free from defects and contamination. However, if the product or service failed to prove its ability to satisfy stated and implicit needs can lead to customer dissatisfaction and can leave its noticeable impact on stakeholders, environment and society. The same has happened with the quality of house building in Auckland (New Zealand) where shoddy buildings are on the rise and as of this year the number of such listed buildings as per the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme run by Government is around 30% up from previous year. As per Auckland council and MBIE (Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment) the main cause of this issue is unskilled workers and lack of supervision yet their are some other factors as well that has spawned substandard buildings in Auckland. There
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Department of Building and Housing administer the legislation nationally whereas; building control authorities on the local basis by using building consent process as a guideline controls it. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the buildings are safe, salubrious and have suitable means of escape from fire, are designed and constructed in a way that can be used to promote sustainable environment and also contribute to the well being and physical independence of the people that use them. The buildings must also comply with Building code as per which performance standards of durability, fire safety, sanitation, moisture control, energy efficacy and access must be met. (Home owners building guide,

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