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Qualitative research is a strategy for systematic collection, organization, and interpretation of a phenomena that are difficult to measure quantitatively. Well-formed questions are key to good research while defining the purpose of the research to determine appropriate methods through frame analysis and findings.
The research purpose of your inquiry

Meaningful inquiry in research begins with a question. The question requires an answer to which people reading our research would accept. My research question will answer the questions by describing an analyzing the differences of opinion while accessing iterative literature that is relevant to the topic while addressing the disparities in cancer incidence and mortality faced by minorities and
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I am seeking to understand the connections cancer disparities occur when there are differences in the occurrence, frequency, death, and burden of cancer that exist among specific population groups, including racial and ethnic minority groups. The economic, social and cultural variables such as socioeconomic standards, education, cultural beliefs, language barriers, and geographical locations that influence social disparities will be addressed. These disparities affect the care that patients receive due to either the misunderstanding of their primary care provider or through miscommunication of the extensiveness of the disease. The low health literacy account for the lack of knowledge and hindsight necessary for the diagnosis, treatment, quality of life, survival and mortality of these …show more content…
My motivation lies within the scope of providing the best acre for everyone regardless of race, and socioeconomic status. The experience has been extremely difficult for my family especially me. Grieving involves coping with a loss and it can last for a long time. Health disparities, from access to care to quality outcomes affect our population disproportionately. While there have been many reports showing some progress in reducing disparities, there is still much work to be done. According to Adepoju, O. E., Preston, M. A., & Gonzales, G. (2015), the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a step in reducing the disparities in access to quality healthcare, but there is still work to be done as the gaps continue to exist for providing acre to the population that are at risk and limited to access to

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