Qualitative And Quantitative And Qualitative Essay example

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative

The following paper will discuss every reference to either qualitative or quantitative design in the NCU Template PhD Degree CP 2013. While these two approaches have many similarities, there are some important differences in the way each should be treated. This paper will compare and contrast the expectations for each approach as presented in the template, followed by suggestions on Best Practices for either qualitative or quantitative method.
NCU template references of Qualitative and Quantitative
“Qualitative” is mentioned seventeen times throughout the NCU template. “Quantitative” is mentioned eighteen times. Qualitative and quantitative first appear in the template in the Purpose of the Study. The researcher must identify the research method that he or she intends to imply. The research design is plainly expressed and is adjusted to the problem statement. The text should begin with “The purpose of this [quantitative, qualitative, mixed method] study is to...” (Northcentral dissertation center, 2013). The importance here is to describe the study goal that directly reflects and encompasses the research questions. Distinguishing a study 's research design is important in light of the fact that it conveys data about key components of the study, which can vary for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods (Harwell, n.d.).
The next section of the template, Research Questions, requires the researcher to include qualitative, quantitative, or…

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