Qualitative And Quantitative And Qualitative Research Essay

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A-Introduce the concept "mixed methods," and then explain the purpose served by each quantitative and qualitative component.
A mixed methods approach implies the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods with the same study (Al-Hamdan & Anthony, 2010). Qualitative and quantitative studies are the most common methods used in research. Each one is associated with a philosophical approach. Positivism, which considers the researcher as an outsider observer and independent from phenomena, is linked to quantitative research. In contrast, naturalism or constructivism, which considers the researcher interacting with phenomena, is linked to qualitative research (Krauss, 2005). However, even though, quantitative method is mainly used in research, both methods have strength and weakness. Quantitative research uses a standardized process of gathering and analyzing data (statistical analysis). Thus, quantitative research is seen more objective, valid and reliable. Hence, its findings are generalizable to others populations, times, and places. But, quantitative research has a weakness, it does not analyze in depth phenomena. As to qualitative research, it suggests an unconstrained process. On other words, the research defines its own data collection and interpretation method. Thus, qualitative research appears more subjective and its findings cannot be generalized, hence its weakness. But, qualitative research has an undeniable strength, it explores in depth and detail phenomena…

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