Essay on Qualitative And Quantitative And Qualitative Research

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The distinction between qualitative and quantitative goes far beyond that of whether or not numbers are being implemented during the process of recording data; qualitative researchers can use numbers to label and categorize objects. The conventional view is that the qualitative researcher finds their observations to be more descriptive and contextually dependent, while the quantitative researcher is allowed to make predictions and deductive inferences while assuming that their findings can be generalized. Determining whether a certain researchable topic is qualitative or quantitative can give an investigator ideas about the types of information they will be collecting and the types of statistical procedures that they will need to employ.
Quantitative research involves investigating variables that are measurable, such as test scores, sensory thresholds, or reaction times (among many others). When determining the relationships between variables, quantitative researchers must control for as many extraneous or unaccounted variables as possible, and thus their research is most commonly conducted in a laboratory environment. Using a quantitative approach, Ferguson, Bender, & Thompson (2014) identified predictors of transience in young homeless individuals. Quantitative measures of arrest history, duration of homelessness, education background, and more were collected and analyzed. Quantitative researchers tend to take complex behaviors, or psychological states, and simplify…

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