Pyramids Of Pyramids And Pyramids Essay

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When an individual tends to think of pyramids, their mind usually wanders off the the great pyramids of Giza, or just the Egyptians in general. What many are not aware of though, is that in there are pyramids of various shapes and sizes in many different parts are the world, with some of them being found in unexpected locations. In 2008, a set of three “pyramids” were found in Visoko, Bosnia. Bosnia is located in Eastern Europe near Croatia and Serbia, and the discovery of these pyramids was quite shocking to some archeologists and most of the world.

The archaeological site, now called the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids didn 't look like the way one might imagine a pyramid to appear. These pyramids were seen as a tumulus. “A tumulus is a mound of earth usually placed over a historic tomb,”(BosnianPyramids) .There were always discussions among the natives of the area over what was under among these unnatural looking hills, but now with more interest put into the discovery of the mysterious site, excavations have increased and more tests and analysis have been conducted to further explore the historic side of these tumulus.

A large array of ancient civilizations are known to the modern world today. Common ones known to the everyday person, are the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greek civilizations. The individuals living in these civilizations still had means of transportation which allowed for

cultural and religious beliefs to spread from one part of the world to the…

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