Pygmalions Bride Essay

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“Although ‘Pygmalion’s Bride’ is humorous, it has an underlying dark message, like other poems in the collection.” With close analysis of ‘Pygmalion’s Bride’ explore how far you agree with this statement. Make references to other poems that we have studied in your answer.

Undoubtedly ‘Pygmalion’s Bride’ is a humorous poem, but the underlying dark message is clear throughout like many of Duffy’s poems. The confusion of the two is portrayed through the reader knowing the story of Pygmalion from mythology. The reader is led to believe that Pygmalion is either creating his statue. Or on a darker scale, he is committing an unlawful act against a woman. With those two different meanings of the poem being the humour to the reader.

The poem
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But it also gives off the dark image because we know that ‘his words were terrible’ It could also be an attack on men and suggest that men only want sex from women, which is shown in ‘Mrs, Rip Van Winkle’ when Rip Van Winkle ‘was sitting up in bed rattling Viagra’. Shjne tells us that her ‘ears were sculpture stone-death shells’ which contradicts her being a human being and could even remind the reader that she is a sculpture being created by Pygmalion. She then says how she ‘heard the sea’, ‘drowned him out’ and ‘heard him shout’ which could be seen as a dark message. Suggesting that he got angry with her ignoring him and he could be shouting at her, when really it can’t be directed at her as a person because she is a statue and wouldn’t respond him.

At the start of stanza four ‘He brought her presents, polished pebbles, little bells’ which again contradicts the two meanings, the gifts could be accessorize to add onto the sculpture or it could relate to the dark meaning. Showing how he is trying to buy her conscience, make her feel guilty so she will almost give in to his dark desires. She then tells us how she ‘didn’t blink’ and ‘played dumb’ which could suggest that she unbeknownst to him has the control. Maybe suggesting that these women in Duffy’s poems have control, for instance in ‘Mrs Darwin’ when Mrs Darwin says to Darwin how ‘Something about that Chimpanzee over there

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