Pygmalion Character Analysis

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The Flower Girl’s Great Transformation
“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” In George Bernard Shaw’s fictional play, Pygmalion, Liza Doolittle also known as The Flower Girl, is the protagonist and is under an experiment for six months. Liza lives with two old gentlemen, Professor Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering. She later discovers her new identity, a better lifestyle where there is education, etiquettes, social class, and fashion. Liza’s transition reveals she values self-respect, is bold, and fair.
Initially, Liza is a woman that goes with the phrase, give respect and take respect, she realizes her individual importance. Although she keeps herself in a different world, is
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It is astounding that Higgins is able to pass Liza off as a choice and Hungarian royalty at that, merely by altering her appearance and speech. The wealthy are so shallow they cannot see past Liza's appearance. The rich have the title of rich, but not the rich character, these people may have wealth, and a lot of money, but not a rich heart, a clean, good heart. These people will always have a poor heart because of the way they think, they are narrow-minded. Pygmalion addresses the social misfortunes in England at the turn of the century. Victorian England was characterized by extreme class division and limited to no social movement. Language separated the elite from the lower class. In Pygmalion, Liza's dialect prevents her from acquiring a job in a flower shop; this play is about the universal truth that all people are worthy of respect and dignity, from the wealthy nobleman to the beggar on the street corner. Rich man like Higgins will always have wrong intentions and a cheap mind that is why he treats and keeps her like one. Pickering on the other hand a less rich man treats her with his good mind, clean and warming/comforting heart. It all comes down to society and social class. The way people think and how they think depends on their thought and class. However, one needs to be rich from …show more content…
People can have different self-concept depending on who he or she is communicating with. They can change based on what impression they want to give to others. When a girl communicates with her parents, she forms her identity as a daughter as her self-concept, and acts accordingly. But with other people, for example her group of friends she may form his self-concept differently, more openly. Also people judge others based on social class. The upper class has its own thinking and the middle class has its own, both are very distinct. There are those that behave nicely and the others that will always be rude and fail to understand other people’s feelings. The quote packs double meaning by stating clearly that what is needed is not just one's affectation of dignity, while her delivery is proof of the statement itself as she has grown enough to make such a clever

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