Essay on Putting A Label On The Individual

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When a lot of people hear the word "label", they automatically would think of a box. Setting a label on a patient or individual, is deciding that they belong to a certain category could possibly cannot change or vary. Making a firm decision on what a person is, or what is happening to them, can definitely come with some mistakes. As Pipher (2003) states on her book "we can 't anticipate the events that a label can trigger" (p.143).
An example of these events could be, when we diagnose a patient, and this action brings more negativity to the individual. Some people could take a label as being "abnormal" or extremely atrocious. Imagine telling a person with severe low self-esteem, that they are sick and there 's something wrong with them. This could lead the patient to a crisis or something worse. In other cases, putting a label on the individual is not what brings the issues, if not how others perceive it. Being diagnosed with a disease or mental illness could make a person 's environment to totally change. Once the label is known to others, patients start to be treated differently. Some people treat them better, others worse, and others simply just feel bad for them. These behaviors could cause the individual to feel uncomfortable and insecure. We see this on the book, when Pipher was treating a boy called Oliver. All his actions could 've led to a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but she decided to not do so, because it could lead to some of the previous…

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