Putin 's Policy Of Nationalism Essay

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Putin’s Policy of Nationalism
Why does President Putin need to use nationalism as a diversionary tactic? This next section will explain the current domestic issues in Russia as well as the methods Putin is using in order to develop a nationalist discourse in the country.
When the Soviet Union fell, Russia experienced many economic, social, and political challenges in its transition to democracy. Unfortunately, it left many feeling a lack of national pride and economic suffering. When Vladimir Putin came into power in 2000, he immediately created many reforms that were designed to foster nationalism and boost national pride, including placing restrictions on the Russian media and through the use of diversionary war. Russia is currently experiencing an economic recession, is listed nearly in the bottom quartile of countries on Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Index, and has lost the democratic gains it once had (“Corruption Perceptions Index 2015”). However, according to the Pew Research Center, “Russian nationalism is…at an all-time high – 63% have a very favorable image of their own country…In addition, 69% of Russians say it is a bad thing that the Soviet Union dissolved, and 61% agree that parts of other countries really belong to Russia.” These factors lend to the belief that Putin’s efforts to increase nationalism have been successful in preventing the public from reacting on a mass level to the domestic issues that are plaguing the country. The below…

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