Purpose Economy Vs. Creative Economy By Aaron Hurst

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Purpose Economy vs. Creative Economy Aaron Hurst describes the fourth economic stage as the purpose economy (following the knowledge economy). As humans, we have a fear of not mattering. Because of this, Hurst predicts our next economic era will be centered around our individual quest for purpose. Each of the previous economies have made mankind ‘faster, stronger, smarter,’ but now mankind is turning back to a more ‘human’ way of doing things. Purpose is a choice, according to Hurst, which everyone can obtain in their jobs if they wish to. They do not need a cause, a huge revelation, or have certain luxuries to be able to find purpose for themselves. Hurst believes a purpose economy could be the next era our culture is moving towards. Richard Florida has a different perspective. Florida believes a creative economy is where our culture is heading next. As he says in the video Why Creativity is the New Economy, creativity builds new …show more content…
First, the purpose economy believes everyone can find a purpose in their work. In a very similar way, the creative economy emphasizes everyone being capable having creativity. Also, Hurst explained purpose as a choice. I am sure Florida would agree that people must choose to use their creativity for it to be beneficial. The two different perspectives might be able to coexist because they both take an extremely different look at where our economy is going compared to where it has been in the past. Both Florida and Hurst talk about how each economy is evolving, adapting, and causing innovation. Lastly, both economies encourage individuals in the work place to think outside of the box when it comes to their work. The creative economy obviously encourages creativity, and the purpose economy encourages job crafting (tailoring everyone’s job to fit with their purpose). The creative economy and the purpose economy can be seen in an extremely similar

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