Puritanism And Deviance And Its Effect On Society Essay

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“Just be yourself. You’re unique. You don’t have to be like everyone else”, she repeated again for the third time.
Most of us have grown up being told that we are special, to not fall under peer pressure, and to be ourselves, but that choice sometimes ends up being out of our reach. We are free only to a certain extent to make our choices, behaviors, and to choose our identity. Our freedom is control by out side forces that are transcendent to us such as society and faith. This is shown in Puritanism and Deviance as well as in Oppression and Privilege.
Society and its view change throughout the years and what might be acceptable two decades ago might not be acceptable any more. This affects who we are and how we identify ourselves. We need society to know who we are. We are dependent of societies views. How we deal with society and the consequences that are capable of happening if we don’t assimilate to the status quo makes us who we are. No one is able to fully decide their own identity because of this since we don’t want to be judge or to suffer the consequences.
Our faith also plays a role in how much freedom we have on deciding our identity, choices, and behaviors. Many individuals believe in something more powerful

than us. Something that is watching over everyone. It all depends on the individuals faith and if they are religious or not. Many might think that this outside force is God, while others might just believe that there is something out there greater than…

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