Essay about Puritan Values Impacted The New England Colonies

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Puritan values impacted the New England colonies’ development from the 1630s to 1660s severely. The intertwinement of the Puritan church and New England government spurred the creation of Rhode Island and Connecticut, the emphasis on family led to the creation of the small family farm as a central facet to both New England society and economy, the twin ideals of hard work and simplicity made excessive profiteering something to be frowned upon and solidified New England’s purpose as first and foremost a religious colony, and the Puritans’ extreme dedication to God led to the passion and fervor with which most New Englanders conducted themselves.
The Great Migration occurred mainly in the time period of 1620-1640. It began when Puritan Separatists began to migrate from England to the Americas in search, mainly, of religious freedom. These Puritans wished to cleanse the Anglican church of any remaining Catholic traditions, but found little support for their cause in England. As such, they sought a new home, finding one in the New England colonies, as they would later be known. During this time there was also a sudden influx of other colonists, from other countries, most notably the Scots-Irish, the English poor (as indentured servants), and the English middle class (as settlers searching for a new life).
The New England colonies were started by Puritans, with the colony of Plymouth in 1620. In Plymouth, and the later Massachusetts colony, government was dominated by religion.…

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