Essay on Pure Blue Diamonds : The Diamonds Of The Diamond

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Pure blue diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. If you have any interest at all in diamonds, which you probably do since you 're here, you 'll have heard of the Hope Diamond. It 's one of the largest diamonds in the world while not even being pure blue. The diamond is considered a Fancy Dark grayish blue. In many cases, a pure blue diamond will be out of your budget unless you choose one with a secondary color, or one that has been treated to give it a darker hue.

What Makes Diamonds Blue?

When a diamond is being formed underground, it can have a reaction to the minerals or gas nearby. They absorb a certain color of light based on the minerals or particles and the opposite color is reflected. In blue diamonds, boron particles are trapped in the crystal lattice of the diamond. It absorbs yellow light and reflects a blue light.

Source of Blue Diamonds

One of the biggest sources of blue diamonds on Earth is the Cullinan Mine in South Africa. It 's found the most interesting blue diamonds in the world including a 29.6 carat rough, Vivid blue diamond that was polished to 12 carats. The flawless blue diamond was named the Blue Moon. The limited supply of colored diamonds is what makes them so valuable.

Grading a Fancy Colored Diamond

Like other colored diamonds, grading a blue diamond involves grading the saturation of the color. Faint or Very Light blue diamonds are less expensive than those that are Fancy Vivid blue. The grading starts from Faint, Very…

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