Purchasing Food For A Big Priority Essay

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Not knowing The most unaware anyone can be is when shopping. The fully stocked shelves that have all types of merchandise in various different shapes and colors can make one get lost in the moment. Coming in for a quick stock up on a favorite can lead two bags of merchandise that one didn’t need when coming through the motion-censored doors. These daily struggles aren’t just happening at departments store, but also at your local grocery store. Seeing that canned corn is on the Buy One get One Free shelf can lead us to stock up on the kitchen staple in a worried frantic because you never know when you’ll see them for such a steal ever again. As an essential to our lives, food is something that constantly surrounds us, and when in a crunch for money, bargain shopping can become a big priority. Purchasing food for what it costs to make can be a very confusing task when the average consumer doesn’t even know what the product has been through to begin with. Whether it’s trying to be vegan in college or buying food that has a long shelf life, grocery shopping has gotten harder over the years. Not being knowledgeable of what’s for sale at the grocery store can lead us to buy things we don’t know are put in our foods in the first place, filling our kitchen pantries with loads of chemicals and preservatives dressed as canned apples and oranges. Transparency at the big chain grocery store is non-existent.
With canned food labels listing Xanthan Gum as a main ingredient and Fuji…

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