Ramification In School

When we help others, follow rules, or just behave properly, we should do so because it is the right thing to do. Not merely because we are afraid of the ramifications that come with disobeying the rules, or hoping for a reward when helping someone in need. We need to keep humanity 's faith in place. If we only did the right thing because of those two reasons then we would be “a sorry lot indeed” as Einstein says.
Psychology teaches us that behaviors change on different circumstances. Announcing that breaking a rule, will cause a ramification to be applied will then make ramifications caused by bad behavior to decrease the likelihood of a particular behavior occurring again. Or announcing that a reward will be issued to whoever does the best will motivate a person to be the best they can. But we should all be doing these thing because it is our responsibility as human beings. Teachers in my school will often offer extra credit points to kids who
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When ramifications, and rewards are issued they are looking at the greater good, to make our society peaceful and organized. For Example people drive at the speed limit, because they don’t want to pay a 500 dollar ticket, which is a good thing because then everyone would drive at a safe speed limit causing less accidents. If everyone is familiar with the rules then our society would be more efficient with each other. If teachers say they will give extra credit points to the kids who donate, the teachers are looking at the greater good of helping kids in need, because they know by offering extra credit points, that more kids would donate. Yes punishment and rewards make people behave properly but, as human beings our natural instinct should be to follow rules and to help others without any benefit from it. The idea of human responsibilities arises as a natural counterbalance to the philosophical idea of human

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