Essay on Pulp Fiction

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Ethical Values in Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction is a movie filled with drugs, violence, gambling, and pop iconography, describing how real-life society is going towards the “death of god” era; a life without morals. A lot of movie critics would say that Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta) possess no ethical values, no sense of morality. They also say that the movie does not convey a message. The movie does convey a message; Quentin Tarantino just masks it behind the street-savvy talk and murdering of persons who “wronged the boss.” Pulp Fiction is about a world where cold-blooded murder and greed are socially acceptable. Virtues as Aristotle states are mainly based off of habits, these men’s habits are killing and
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Vincent fears change and stays within the norms and later you find out that he dies, which is saying it’s not always best to stay within the norms.
I was curious to what was in the case and did some research and found an interesting reoccurring analysis. What is in the suitcase could very possibly be Marsellus’ soul, in the bible it states that the soul is located in the back of your neck. Marsellus has a band-aid covering a hole in the back of his neck. Butch smashed him with a car and he did not die and then even goes on to say “you can’t kill me.” The combination on the suitcase is “666” and when anyone opens the case they are stunned and Ringo says “is that what I think it is?”
There are obviously themes and messages portrayed in Pulp Fiction. Society and norms is one main theme in this movie, as well as redemption in a world of evil. All the main characters had the chance at one point or another to escape and redeem themselves. It showed both sides of the story, those who did escape and those who did

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