Public vs Private Institutions Essay

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This article first touches on the huge raise of the cost of assets such as income, housing, a car, and tuition since 1974. The increase has been immense in just the past 41 years. Following this, the article analyzes the business aspects of higher education, stating that the success of the economy is greatly reliant on the success on students in their schooling. “Workers with more education are more productive, which makes companies more profitable and the overall economy grow faster.” (Adam Davidson, “Is College Tuition Really Too High?”) This is basically saying that without a higher education, the general success of an individual is hindered. Although, this hindered success is largely a result of such previously named cost increases. …show more content…
But the main attribute from keeping this education from being easily attainable is their acceptance rates. The selection and acceptance process for these schools in highly complex and competitive. “Typically, fierce market competition leads to lower prices, but among elite schools, the opposite occurs, paradoxically. They often find that raising prices enables them to offer greater benefits to the most coveted potential students.” (Adam Davidson, “Is College Tuition Really Too High?”) This is stating that the students are truly receiving all that they are paying for.
The article then compares public schools to what has just been said of private schools. Private schools have completely different issues that are faced their tuition increases are being driven largely by state governments’ unwillingness or inability to raise per-student financing. Public schools have much higher complications concerning the aid given to their students; graduation rates are also a much greater issue within public schools and will have the burden of student debt upon them for a large portion of their lives. “Our system gives three times as much aid to the least needy as it gives to the most.” (Adam Davidson, “Is College Tuition Really Too High?”) The point being that the current educational funding system is spread disproportionately overall and that for those who enter college and proceed to

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