Public Sphere Faces Another Problem Essay

738 Words Mar 6th, 2015 3 Pages
Besides sensationalism, informing public sphere faces another problem recently. Churnalism is a common practice amongst many media outlets. Plentiful of published stories are sourced from press agencies or based on public relation releases, thus journalists’ work is minimalised to simply copying such materials. Effectively, becomes unaccountable (Fenton 2012) and no longer search of truth and do not fulfill watchdog function.
Lastly, for journalists to be objective and independent it is important that media industry is pluralistic, so the public have a variety of news from various media outlets driven by healthy competition. Nonetheless, never before has concentration of the media been so common. Although back in the days when All The President’s Men was produced it was not an issue, but now it is more alarming than ever. The diversity of press and television broadcasting is decreasing for multiple reasons, including mostly vertical and horizontal integration of corporations, but also because of sourcing news from press agencies’ materials. Journalists, therefore, do not work in an industry which is pluralistic, but is dominated by a few barons globally. Such companies as Disney own many TV networks in the United States, that includes ABC television. There were only 9 large corporations in 1990s controlling media industry (Shah 2009), however now, many suggest, there are only 5 of them having a monopoly on different media platforms – AOL/TW, Clear Channel, Disney, News…

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