Public Policies During The War On Drugs Essay

1248 Words Apr 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Public policies and public opinion play huge roles in developing a solution to the growing “war on drugs”. Over the course of the years, many war on drug policies have failed miserably. The ever increasing drug problem in this country along have destroyed lives, families, careers, and society as a whole. The persons supplying the drugs, the dealers, the users, and the drugs has caused violence and an escalating health crisis. The war on drugs date back some 50 years to prohibit and punish the drug users, the production, possession, transport as well as the sale of marijuana. Concerns that have developed with the war on drugs include, drug related deaths, crime, health issues, mass incarcerations and waste of law enforcement resources and time.
The ban on marijuana has been an absolute flop. The United States alone waste billions of dollars imposing marijuana laws, especially for low-level possessions. The prisons are over crowded with incarcerated and penalized marijuana users, and seriously ill patients are being denied access to the beneficial treatment of medical marijuana. The laws prohibiting the use of marijuana have led to unprecedented levels of violence and corruption, while the use of marijuana is widely consumed on a daily basis.
The public’s opinion has even shifted in favor of marijuana law reforms, while the arrests of marijuana possession, even a minuet amount has swollen over the last decade. Marijuana arrests have also targeted a disproportionate number of…

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