Public Perception Of Police Misconduct And Discrimination Essay

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In volume 35 of the Journal of Criminal Justice there is a fascinating article on the medias influence of the public’s perception of the police; “Public Perceptions of Police Misconduct and Discrimination: Examining the Impact of Media Consumption”, by Kenneth Dowler and Valerie Zawilski. These two make it perfectly clear in their abstract and introduction that popular media is a vital ingredient in the construction of the attitudes developed towards police departments and police officers. Media consumption is the way that most members of the general public get their information about crime and justice (Ericson, Baranek, & Chan, 1987; Graber, 1980; Roberts & Doob, 1990; Surette, 2007). There have been numerous studies conducted to examine the public’s attitude towards the police, but very few focused on the media’s influence on those attitudes toward misconduct and discrimination by the police officers. The study conducted seeks to find a connection between media coverage and the impact it has on the public 's perception of the police. The abstract gives a quick overview of the journal and the research that will be presented.
Two conflicting observations were found within the literature on media depiction of police. Some of the research discovered that police were represented in a negative manner and others found that the police were shown in a positive light. Some researchers have hypothesized that the news media has purposely engaged themselves in negative appearance of…

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