Public Involvement And Environmental Impact Assessment ( Eia )

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It is essential to discuss participation in EIA as a component and reflection of the general development of public engagement in environmental decision-making. Wood (2003), Glucker et al. (2013) claim that public participation is an essential part of the success of EIA.
Public involvement in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
The definition of public participation in EIA is often used interchangeably to involvement, engagement, consultation, and sometimes with little attention to their differing objectives and potential outcomes.
From the social and political point of views, public participation is often stressing on the moral belief and democratic process, that everyone has right to be informed, to be consulted, and to express personal views on matters that affect them (Palerm, 1999, Beierle and Cayford, 2002). Participation is often discussed in regard to the importance of bringing social values, objectives, and preferences to a decision-making process that are primarily analytical (Bonnell, 2003). Thus, public participation in EIA is more than casting a vote, but can help to structure problems and challenge environmental managers and decision makers to find alternatives, such as of site, process or mitigation measure (Beierle and Cayford, 2002, Bonnell, 2003). More importantly, public engagement in EIA can endorse the value of providing the increasing power to the public in the environmental decision process facing the different level of bureaucratic and political…

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