Dashiell Hammett's Use Of Corruption In The Movie Brick

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“Private Eye” or tough “Hard-boiled” private investigator detective fiction is the classification most dominated by American writers (Mansfield-Kelly 205). One of the founders and innovators of the private investigator is Dashiell Hammett. And is also “The most influential figure in the structuring of hard-boiled detective fiction,” (Mansfield-Kelly 229). He wrote the first tough-guy detective in “The Gutting of Couffignal”, named Continental OP and wrote The Maltese Falcon (Mansfield-Kelly 229). This author has paved the way for future authors and filmmakers to adapt the genre for current audiences like director Rian Johnson of the movie Brick. Johnson uses Hammett’s layout to make Brick by giving it a setting, investigator characteristics that show toughness and loneliness, and with corruption.
In all stories, the setting of a movie or a novel is one of the most important parts of a story. The only way an investigator can be successful in a city or environment is to know it
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Brigid tries to receive help from Spade to get the Maltese falcon, by uses her charm (The Maltese Falcon). Corruption is another big part of being a hard-boiled private investigator story. Brenden knows there is corruption in the school so he is firm with the Assistant Vice Principal Truman by saying “Alright, I need you off my back completely for a few weeks. There might be some heat soon” (Brick). He is saying that he needs space to work and needs to show him he’s not afraid of the vice principal. In the Maltese Falcon, Spade is hounded by the police. He knows that the police is corrupt, therefore Spade voices his frustration by saying to the police, “Don’t crowd me” (The Maltese Falcon). Its referring to the scene when the police detectives ask him questions in his apartment. These examples also show that Spade and Brenden are able to “… move(s) easily between the legal and illegal worlds” (Mansfield-Kelly

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