Essay about Public Health Care At Health Center

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There was so much I learned this course in Public Health it keep me busy thinking and changing my view point of what Public Health I can remember my mom taking me to be immunized for free at health center way back in 50 's. Especially polio, I stern and sad her face looked before we got it, of making sure we knew the importance and that we all get that one and all that was available of others, after all of 11 children were done getting at health center how relieve she looked and not because of the time or all of getting something different. I found a little later reason for those expression that her father died of polio and my oldest brother died of reumentic fever damage to his heart because my step dad did not believe in doctors or medicine. Her relieve was she did not want to have any illness that can be preventive, did not want to repeat in any of her children happen to her first born she did all she can with our large family was not room for healthcare so the free clinic, public health and we had Cleveland city hospital give care to the poor we were their. She also got probo from a neighborhood doctor gave a lot of care to and she gave what she able and spread the new of his good nature and made sure get some patients which one my sister in law and my nieces and nephew was delivered by Him.

Why began with this story of my family. It 's simple when I see the faces of all the people getting care that walk miles or refused because of their beliefs I get it and I…

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