Public Financing For Presidential Candidates Essay

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Campaign finance reformers would most like to see a cap placed on how much can be spent “independent” of campaigns just as there is a cap with how much can be contributed directly to a campaign. Unfortunately, Citizens United quashed any notion of spending caps because as previously stated the Court feels caps would inhibit free speech. Caps would help equalize the influence between the wealthy and the non-wealthy, and discourage bribery and extortion. Also, contribution limits would improve public political efficacy in the election process by reducing the presence of corruption, the appearance of corruption, and the appearance of inequality. Many Americans adhere to the idea that politicians and the political process are corrupt. Therefore, limiting a major source of those ideas will go a long way in helping the electorate as a whole.
Public financing
Public financing for presidential candidates was established in 1976 and every presidential nominee from 1976 through 2004 utilized public financing. In 2008, Barack Obama saw unprecedented support and became the first candidate to opt out of public funding since it was established. After the rulings in Citizens United and nobody should expect candidates to opt into public financing unless there are major overhauls. Candidates that opt into public financing will not be able to compete with groups that can use unlimited independent expenditures to bombard the nation with ads. Thus, candidates need to opt out of…

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