Public Awareness On The Global Warming Problem Essay

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Since the late 20th century, scientists have increasingly been joining the climate change movement to help spread public awareness on the global warming problem. Known by most as the “Green” movement, it’s clear that public education on climate change has become increasingly present. However, there’s one thing about being education about climate change and another about taking a proactive role against climate change. Many individuals say they are concerned with global warming, but live a lifestyle that depicts a person who doesn’t care about the environment. This was recently evident during Earth Day this year where many people flocked to their social media outlets to show their support for the movement on April 22nd, 2016. This is a very good event to help spread public awareness for the importance of preserving our planet, but for many individuals it’s simply the participation of that day’s pop culture trend. The very next day everything goes back to normal.
To continue, the amount of Americans that are worried a great deal/fair amount is 64% according to Gallup (Gallup). This poll asked many other questions which provide a lot of insight on the public’s perception and awareness on the growing issues of global climate change. Some other interesting questions asked in this Gallup poll include: ”U.S Views About when effects of global warming will occur”, “Americans’ Perception of Global Warming as a Serious Threat” and “Perceived Cause of Global Warming” (Gallup).…

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