Ptsd: Causes & Effects in Soldiers Essay examples

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P.T.S.D: Causes & Effects in SoldiersShane WhiteMiller-Motte CollegeRunning head: PTSD: CAUSE AND EFFECT IN SOLDIERS

Post traumatic stress disorder has many effects on people in everyday life; such as the effects in family, friends, and even their career.
Post traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is quite common in today's military. The reason for this can somewhat be explained in the definition of ptsd: The type of anxiety disorder that comes from an event in which you've seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death. Our soldiers, while they are deployed, are faced with that potentially fatal threat everyday overseas. This is why ptsd is most common in soldiers; however their are a
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Just like friends, your co-workers will not want to be working with you anymore. Your boss would also start to notice a change in your behavior pattern, as well as your punctuality. He would see that you are not getting enough sleep, and start to slowly come in later and later, day after day, until he puts his foot down and terminates you. After that happens you're out of a job and leave your co-workers feeling sour, which would cause for bad recommendations. You thought it was hard to find a job before this, just wait. This can put a violent halt to your career and social success.
Now you know some of the many causes and effects of ptsd in soldiers. It not only effects you, it effects everyone around you in everyday life; your friends, family, and career are tremendously effected from post traumatic stress disorder.


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