Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Soldier's Home

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People deal with stress every day in the world, but those who fight for us sometimes experience a different type of stress. It is called Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is an anxiety disorder that 5.2 million people suffer from every year (Kemp). PTSD causes people to have flashbacks, anxiety attacks, mistrust, and many other things. People go into the military or army and sometimes come back a different person. People see things that they are unable to forget and it changes them. Krebs is a young man in the story called “Soldier’s Home”. He traveled to Germany to fight in World War 2 and was forever changes as a person. When the War ended in Germany Krebs stayed over there for a couple of years because he was not ready to come home. This was the beginning of his PTSD. He had no interest in coming home at the time; he had seemed to of forgotten about his family in Oklahoma. When Krebs finally came home, he did not receive any somewhat of a welcoming. All the others soldiers did but not Kreb, because he was two years late. This event certainly did not help the little PTSD that he had. He did the same thing every day; he never attempted to change things up. His parents would push him to go out and find a girlfriend and do things, but he never would. Deep down inside he was …show more content…
When he returned from his service, his parents decorated the house and made his favorite foods but when he got home, he went straight to his room and did not say one word to them. He locked himself in his room 19 hours, with no food and water. His PTSD not only affected him but also his parents. His mom started to think that this was all her fault and so did his dad. His dad believed that if he fixed the roof it would make things better. His parents were willing to try anything. When you have PTSD, you sometimes want to be left alone and even though that helps yourself, it hurts others around

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