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AC 19‐3‐2012 Item No.4.17

University of Mumbai

Revised Syllabus for the S.Y.B.A. Program: B.A.

Course: Psychology
Semester III & IV

(As per Credit Based Semester and Grading System with effect from the academic year 2012–2013)

2 Programme – Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Credit Based Semester and Grading System S.Y.B.A. Psychology Syllabi To be implemented from the Academic year 2012-2013

Semester III
Course Course Code Title UAPSY301 Social Psychology: Part I UAPSY302 Developmental Psychology: Part I Units 1. The Field of Social Psychology 2. Social Cognition 3. Social Perception 4. Attitudes 1.Introduction - Beginnings 2.The Start of Life; Birth and the Newborn Infant 3.Physical Development in Infancy
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c) How do attitudes guide behaviour? d) The Fine Art of Persuasion: how Attitudes are changed e) Resisting Persuasion attempts f) Cognitive Dissonance: What it is and how we manage it? UAPSY 401 Semester IV. Social Psychology: Part II (Credits = 3) 3 lectures per week; 45 lectures per Semester Unit 1: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination a) How members of different groups perceive inequality b) The Nature and Origins of Stereotyping c) Prejudice and Discrimination: feelings and actions toward Social groups c) Why Prejudice Is Not Inevitable: Techniques for Countering Its Effects Unit 2: Social Influence a) Conformity: Group Influence in Action b)

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