Psychology Vs Psychotherapy

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What is the difference between psychiatry and psychotherapy? This question seems like the first line to a joke, but it relates an important distinction people should understand. Psychology and psychiatry are two coinciding pieces to the whole of mental health. Both professions specialize in the mysteries surrounding the human mind, and how the mind influences behavior and overall well-being. Each of these career fields has committed individuals who assist others in maintaining balanced mental health. However, though these professions overlap, they are still diverse in various aspects of their specific natures. Overall, a psychiatrist is a physician whose expertise lies in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and emotional turbulence. …show more content…
Psychologists use psychotherapy to help people adjust to the struggles associated with life. In “Psychology and the Challenges of Life” Nevid and Rathus define psychotherapy as “A systematic interaction between a therapist and a client that brings psychological principles to bear on influencing the client’s thoughts, feelings, or behavior in order to help that client overcome abnormal behavior or adjust to problems in living” (Nevid & Rathus, 2013). Psychotherapy is a common form of treatment for individuals who struggle with mental disorders. Within this treatment, therapists use theoretical perspectives in combination with the patient’s background to structure a process for them to heal. Psychotherapy is built upon the foundation of psychological theory that center around personality, learning, motivation, emotion and abnormal behavior. Psychotherapy is applied in order to positively influence the patients mind and behavior (Nevid & Rathus, 2013). Though psychotherapy is used for psychological disorders, it can also be for individuals who are grappling with life; for instance, starting a new career, getting a divorce, or under increased stress. Psychotherapy revolves around problem solving and learning how to adjust to life; this is achieved through talking and face to face interactions with a counselor or psychotherapist (Grohol, 2013). Psychotherapy can be beneficial for individuals as life tests them and puts them at their limits; psychotherapists are committed to facilitating good mental health and are also well trained, like

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