Psychology : The Mind And Its Processes Essay

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From the psychology classes that I took last year, I am able to define psychology as the study of the mind and its processes. However, because psychology looks at something that cannot be measured and observed at all times, there are many theories that sprout from the topic. Freudianism, behavioral and biochemistry are just a few examples. Biochemistry focuses on the theory that biological and chemical factors directly affect one’s psychological state while Freudianism looks at the unconscious factors and direct needs that contribute to what a person may do (basic needs such as food, shelter and particularly in Freud’s studies: sex). Behavioral psychology focuses mainly on why we act the way we do, and how the behavior of one person can be changed by his or her environment and those around him or her.
Popularly known psychologists include Sigmund Freud, and Wilhelm Wundt. Wilhelm Wundt is known as the “father of modern psychology” and is particularly well known for creating the first real experimental environment in psychology. However, he often gets overlooked in favor of Sigmund Freud, who is specifically known for his controversial opinions expressed in his time. Due to Freud’s almost obsessive nature to focus on the subconscious and furthermore the unconscious, many people doubted him. After all, they could not see what he spoke of, and there was also the problem that sex was something that wasn’t talked about in the open during that period.
Experiments are also…

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