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As humans have grown throughout history, new questions have continued to be asked. A few examples being: How can food be more efficiently produced to prevent starvation? How could a shelter be built stronger so that they can withstand long winters? What is the shape of the earth? What are our bodies made out of? However, it was not till recent history that the study the brain and psychological concepts has become a large part of modern science. Many great people that contributed to the advancement of psychological practice. Of those, some had ideas that are still accepted today, some were ridiculed at the time of release, but grew to be acknowledged, and others that were so preposterous that people still not sure what to think of them. A massive contribution to the study of psychology was done by Carl Gustav Jung. The early career of Carl Jung as a psychologist was quite productive …show more content…
When Jung was of age 38 he began to have self-induced hallucinations by sitting and forcing horrifying thoughts, voices, and visions that Jung called “doing a schizophrenia” (Corbett, 2006). Jung would soon start writing down what he (Corbett, 2006)thought his mind was trying to tell him, first on scratch parchment, then journals, then finally in a large red leather book (Corbett, 2006). He did this in an attempt to gather a greater understanding of how the brain worked and how the mind functions worked. In this large red leather book he wrote calligraphy and drew elaborate paintings (Corbett, 2006). What was written in these books was not like any of his other academic writing and he later decided to not have it published due to concerns of being mocked by his peers (Corbett, 2006).This red book was kept in Jung’s desk drawer to be forgotten. It was not until 1989 (28 years after Jung’s death) that it was scanned and published by W.W. Norton (Corbett,

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