Psychology : Psychology As A Science

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"Psychology" derives from the word 'psyche ' meaning 'soul, mind, spirit ' and 'logos ' meaning 'study or science '(etymonline, 2014). Psychology involves the study of complex and abstract things such as emotions, drives, memory and behaviour therefore, psychologists have always shared disagreements over the correct approach to study Psychology thus, a variety of psychological schools were founded. Specific conditions in society created favourable or unfavourable conditions for the development of psychology as a science. Social, political and academic atmosphere of a particular time and location was essential for psychological knowledge. (Danziger, 1990; Leahey; 2002).

The availability of resources; money, laboratories, equipment and training facilities is necessary in order to conduct research and develop psychology as a science. Psychology as a discipline began in 1879 when Wilheim Wundt had the resources to establish the world 's first Psychology laboratory(Mcleod, 2008). Where he taught the discipline to many students including Edward Titchener, who went on to found the first school of thought Structuralism - using reductionism to analyze the reduced elements of human consciousness. Money and laboratories alone was not able to move psychology as a science forward - favourable social climate is also necessary. Social support or opposition can catapult, or halt any research. For example, Functionalism, the second school of thought, boomed in the USA with William

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